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Face Rock 12 Month Aged Cheddar

Once called "Grand Opening Cheddar" this cheddar made its debut at the Creamery on our Grand Opening, May 8th, 2013. After it celebrated its 1st birthday the name changed to 12 month Aged Cheddar and it's been delighting the crowds with its balanced flavor ever since!
How It's Made
Once the cheddar curds are created they are then pressed over night into 40-pound blocks of cheese. These blocks are then stored in a climate-controlled cave for 12 months till the cheddar achieves the desired medium flavor. After the cheese has aged it is cut into smaller blocks and ready for the public to enjoy!

We keep it simple: Milk, Cultures & Salt
Flavor Profile
Our 12 month Aged Cheddar is creamy with a slight nutty flavor. It is a medium cheddar, but truly full of creamy cheddary flavor- yet without the bite that you'll find in the sharper versions. Low in moisture, this cheddar is great on its own or with your favorite foods.
What to Pair it With
Apples, Pears, Grapes, Strawberries
Honey, Olive Oil, Chutney, Fig Spread
Olives, Nuts, Cured Meats

Red Wines: Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot
White Wines: Chardonnay & Champagne
Beers: Anything Full-bodied, Cask Ales & Lagers
Cheddar Pear Scones
Looking for a new recipe for your cheddar?
Try Cheddar Pear Scones!

Why not give these recipes a try
courtesy of our friends at
Allrecipes.com and
add these Face Rock Favorites!!

Cheddar Pudding
Cheddar Pudding
Soft & savory, not too eggy & very tasty!
Prepare with 12 month Aged Cheddar
 Daisy Brand Potato Skins
Daisy Brand Potato Skins
Serve with Face Rock Cheddar
or 3-Pepper Cheddar for a kick!

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