Bandon Cheese & Produce Building before the fire- 1936
Bandon Cheese & Produce Building before the fire- 1936
Bandon Cheese & Produce Building before the fire- 1936
Historic dairy farm in Bandon, OR on what is now Beach Loop Dr. Face Rock is in the distance.
Dairy cow owned by Mike Breuer. Historical Breuer Building is in the background.
Cheese Packaging from nearby Langlois, OR.
Horse team and wagon for Parkesburg Dairy in the Coquille River Valley.
Reta tied at McCloskys Cheese Factory at Norway.
The Welcome Milk run delivering milk to Bandon for cheese production.
Creamery on the Arago side of the Coquille River.
My husband, Kenneth R. Bernhardt, was born in Bandon 81 years ago. He passed away from cancer on May 8. He always wanted his ashes brought to Oregon. I and my family are coming to Bandon and look forward to the new cheese facotry. Look forward to the cheese curds. Ken's mother, Anita Bernhardt, knew Ruth and John Holman. We have fond memories of visiting Bandon and seeing our friends there.
Joan M. Bernhardt
May 24,2013
Everett, WA

My farther John Holman was a cheesemaker in late 30's and early 40's there at the Bandon Cheese Factory. He later came to Coos Bay and worked at the Coos River Cheese factory until it burned down. I am eagerly looking forward to the grand opening and the new cheeses. Have missed this very much on my much needed "spurts" to Bandon by the Sea, my special place on earth...
Kay Holman Voth
April 9,2013
Coos Bay, OR

My sister called and told me about your website. Her comment about Great Grandpa Mike Breuer preceeds this post. Our dad, Fred Reimann, who was born 88 years ago in Bandon and raised in Bandon, told me about Face Rock Creamery setting up shop in Bandon long after the Bandon Cheese Factory had closed its doors several years ago. This is great and I wish for huge success to all involved. It is nostalgia returning to a new reality. Just one piece of advice for curd munchers from my own experience: Don't keep popping curds in your mouth on a 50-mile drive in a warm car. Seriously.
Pam Ivey
December 19,2012
Maple Valley WA

Wow! The photo of Mike Breuer's dairy cow with the histocial Breuer building in the background is wonderful! Mike Breuer is my great grandpa, his daughter, Ilona, being my grandma. My sister Pam and I spent many a wonderful time in this building with the family and have such wonderful memories of it. My aunt Helen Evans worked at the creamery for years and Pam and I ate enough curds to make our hair curl. Best wishes for your Face Rock Creamery!!!
Lori Allen
November 9,2012
Duvall, Washington

Looking forward to tasting the cheese!!!!
Dan Deininger
September 21,2012
Helena, MT

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