Beer Cheddar Soup

Smokey Burger Bomb
Recipe makes 1 hamburger patty



  1. Form ¼ lb ground beef into a patty (or shortcut it by grabbing your favorite pre-formed burgers from the deli!). Season with salt and pepper and press a slight depression into the middle of the patty. Add 4-5 pieces of Face Rock cheddar curds, breaking up larger chunks so it will melt faster.
  2. Fold your patty around the cheese, sealing the meat where it comes together. With your fingers, gently press the meat back into a patty shape watching to make sure the cheese is all tucked inside.
  3. Grill as usual on side one. After you flip it over, top the burger with slices of Smokey cheddar to
    give the cheese time to melt into creamy, smoked deliciousness.
    For a photo-perfect presentation, slice your burger in half to show off the melty heart of your Cheddar Burger Bomb and enjoy!

Smokey Cheddar

Face Rock Smokey Cheddar: You have heard that Old Smokey is covered with cheese; well here it is! We took our signature aged cheddar and smoked it for hours with Northwest Applewood Smoke. This Applewood Cheddar is the pinnacle of smokey flavor!

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12 Month Aged Cheddar

12 Month Aged Cheddar: Our 12 month Aged Cheddar is creamy with a slight nutty flavor. It is a medium cheddar,  full of creamy cheddary flavor- yet without the bite that you’ll find in the sharper versions. Low in moisture, this cheddar is great on its own or with your favorite foods.

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