In May, we celebrated our 6th anniversary. We are so thrilled to see how far we’ve come, and we are excited about what the next six years and beyond will bring!

Face Rock Creamery

In 2012, we followed our instinct that a new premium, small-batch, hand-made cheddar creamery could revive the region’s century-old cheesemaking industry and serve as a community gathering spot for Bandon.

In less than a year, we built a brand new, 9,000 sq. ft. creamery and cafĂ© on the same site as the town’s much-missed historic cheese factory that had been purchased by a regional cheesemaker and then torn down. To ensure a consistent, premium milk supply for our cheese, we established a collaborative relationship with the Scolari family, 3rd generation dairy farmers located just down the road.

We opened the doors to Face Rock Creamery in May, 2013. Starting with a few Oregon specialty store accounts in 2013, today Face Rock cheese can be found in thousands of retail locations throughout a growing swath of the country.

In Bandon, the creamery is a draw for locals and visitors to sample our full cheese lineup, grab a bite and enjoy our famously large ice cream cones. As we grow, we have expanded our dairy relationships with additional farmers who help us meet our commitment to sourcing the best quality milk. Cheesemaker Brad Sinko continues to innovate and deliver amazingly delicious, award-winning fresh curds, aged cheddars and fromage blancs.

At our five-year mark, we completed an expansion of our creamery dining area to better serve the increasing number of visitors our creamery enjoys year-round.

What will year six bring us?! We can’t wait to find out and as we do, we are proud to have a growing, enthusiastic fan base for our cheese, and we are excited to continue bringing our wonderful cheese of great character to markets throughout the country.

Thank you for your support and for coming along with us on our journey!