Fromage Blanc is a delightful spreadable fresh cheese that has a lot in common with cream cheese and ricotta. Made with milk instead of cream, this cheese is creamy, rich and has a slightly tart base flavor. Face Rock Creamery makes three versions of Fromage Blanc – creamy Classic, sweet Apricot Honey and Cranberry Honey, and savory Garlic Olive.

For our Apricot Honey, we mix in honey and a dash of apricot preserves, which makes it perfect for a breakfast spread to slather on any carb I have handy. But I’m always looking for tasty new ways to enjoy this cheese all day long.

Stack of apricot honey fromage blanc cookies

After dunking a chunk of dark chocolate right into the tub for an afternoon snack, the lightbulb went on. Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Since Fromage Blanc is an easy sub for cream cheese, I started looking for cookies that use cream cheese.

Ingredients for Face Rock Apricot Honey Fromage Blanc Cookies

A Cream Cheese Cookie from Pizzazzerie jumped out at me as a not-too-sweet option.  Fluffy, soft and easy, this seemed like a great base cookie to experiment with. I stuck close to her recipe for an Apricot Honey Fromage Blanc Chocolate Chunk Cookie, swapping out cream cheese for Face Rock Fromage Blanc, and adding in a cup of chocolate chunks. Chips would work too, but I like the look of chunks!

Make sure to follow Pizzazzerie’s advice and refrigerate this dough for an hour before scooping.

Balls of Face Rock apricot honey fromage blanc cookie dough