Lift Your Spirits with Cheddar and Wild Roots Vodka Pairings

Face Rock and Wild Roots

As we enter entertaining season, most of us will rely on a favorite wine and cheese, or beer and cheese combo that never disappoints. But we have something new for you to try – cheddar and vodka! We teamed up with fellow Oregon-born Wild Roots Spirits to create a series of delicious Face Rock cheddar and infused vodka pairings that will truly lift your spirits and let you serve something unusual to guests! Wild Roots Spirits shares our philosophy that artificial colors and additives are not necessary to create a deep, rich flavor profile. Another reason why they perfectly complement our creamy aged cheddars!


You can serve these simple but oh-so-amazing pairings with the spirits straight up, or mixed into a simple cocktail with soda water and ice. Here are a few pairings that are good starting points. 

Peppercorn Harvest Cheddar + Huckleberry Infused Vodka

Smokey Cheddar + Dark Sweet Cherry Infused Vodka

Extra Aged Cheddar + Cranberry Infused Vodka