It’s grill season! Face Rock Creamery cheese is perfect to level up your barbecue game.

Whether we are celebrating dads, grads, Tuesdays or just reveling in warmer weather, we are always ready to kick off grill season. It’s easy to make Face Rock cheese part of your outdoor cooking repertoire – serve it on burgers, create a cheddar and cracker nosh plate, and dish up classic sides made with our hand-crafted cheeses.

Tips for using premium Face Rock Creamery cheeses on and near the grill:

  • Stick to our curds, younger cheddars and melty favorites like Monterey Jack for grilled food toppings. Young cheese has more moisture and melts more smoothly, so┬ásave our extra aged cheddar for grill-side snacking and pairings.
  • Look inside and out for spots to add cheese. Mix chopped bacon and shreds of our cheddars such as Smokey Cheddar or Vampire Slayer into your ground beef to add flavor and richness.
  • Face Rock is perfect for adding cubes of deliciousness to antipasto or macaroni/pasta/potato salads!
  • Stuff a burger with curds for the ultimate burger bomb!
  • Wrap up rectangles of Face Rock with prosciutto for a grillside snack.
  • Topping a burger with a big flavored cheese like In Your Face or Rock ‘N’ Jack is a great way to kick up the satisfaction factor.
  • Bring out your cast iron and make up a skillet queso for an alfresco app!
  • Cube a potato, toss wtih melted butter, your favorite herb blend, some salt and pepper, and a generous handful of shredded Face Rock. Wrap it all up in a piece of foil and grill for about 30 minutes.
  • Set out sliced Face Rock, crackers and salami for snacking as your meal cooks.