Face Rock Cheez-Its

The Brown Eyed Baker (on Instagram @thebrowneyedbaker) – recently gave a shout out for people to try making her simple homemade Cheez-It recipe, and we took up the challenge with our delightfully sharp two-year aged cheddar. Verdict? Oh yea baby! Our no colors/no additives/no fuss aged cheddar is delicious transformed into a cracker. We used a pasta roller to get the dough evenly thin and it saved us a ton of time. This batch disappeared in a flash, but we’re going to dive in again and add these to some of our favorite snack mixes to up our party game.


Extra Aged Cheddar

Face Rock Extra Aged 2yr Cheddar: This cheddar received the 1st place ribbon at the 2015 ACS (American Cheese Society) Awards in the “BEST Aged Cheddar” category!

Our Premium Extra Aged Cheddar is sharp and luxurious with a smooth buttery flavor and creamy texture enhanced by cheese crystals that indicate a quality aged cheddar.

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12 Month Aged Cheddar

12 Month Aged Cheddar: Our 12 month Aged Cheddar is creamy with a slight nutty flavor. It is a medium cheddar,  full of creamy cheddary flavor- yet without the bite that you’ll find in the sharper versions. Low in moisture, this cheddar is great on its own or with your favorite foods.

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