Smokey Cheddar is what happens when we take our signature creamy and smooth aged cheddar blocks and smoke it for hours with seasoned Northwest Applewood.

Smokey Bloody Mary Skewer

Smoked cheddars have been around for years, but our take is anything but ordinary. Other creameries use liquid smoke, smoke flavoring, or rub paprika into the rind to make it look smoked.

At Face Rock we take our time to produce better, more flavorful cheese. For our Smokey Cheddar, we cold-smoke individual small cut blocks of cheddar for hours in small batches with real Applewood smoke to finish it off. It takes a bit longer but the result is always well worth it!

  • Let the smoke in this cheese be the “flavor diva” of the show. Don’t try to cover it up with competing flavors and use texture to give it an unexpected pop.
  • Use Smokey Cheddar on a fully loaded Bloody Mary pick.
  • For the best cracker pairing, we recommend cracked wheat, oat, or sesame flavors with different textures to play off this smooth cheddar.
  • Smokey is a fantastic cheese to use in Mac and Cheese, casseroles, and potato-based recipes! The smoke adds a depth of flavor to classic recipes and table staples.
  • Fruits, fresh and dried, and nuts are a great complement to the Applewood flavor notes.
  • Grilled cheese is a natural spot for Smokey Cheddar. Add in tomato and bacon for the ultimate melt. The smoke is not going to overwhelm here and this cheddar melts as perfectly as our other cheddars.

For red wine pairings, we like medium-bodied, smokey, or tobacco tasting reds. Go for Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir.

For white wines, look for varieties that are lightly oaked and not too citrusy. Check out Chardonnay, Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Dry Riesling.

On the beer side, we think anything full-bodied, dark and smooth are winners. Think Porters, nutty Brown or Amber Ales.