Fromage Blanc is a delightful fresh, spreadable cheese that has a lot in common with cream cheese and ricotta. Made with milk instead of cream, Fromage Blanc is creamy, rich and has a slightly tart flavor. We make four versions of Fromage Blanc – creamy Classic, sweet Apricot Honey and Cranberry Honey, and savory Garlic Olive. You can use Fromage Blanc anywhere you might use cream cheese or ricotta. So think of dips, spreads, pasta, frostings, breads, and dishes that let melty, creamy cheese shine.

We love to add a big spoonful of Garlic Olive Fromage Blanc, a knob of butter and fresh chopped herbs to a bowl of hot pasta for a comforting meal. So easy!

For our Apricot Honey Fromage, we mix in honey and a dash of apricot preserves, which makes it perfect for a breakfast spread to slather on any bagel, toast or muffin you might have handy. We made frosting for peach cupcakes with this dreamy spread and it was fantastic!  Another great pairing for our plain, Cranberry Walnut or Apricot Honey Fromage Blanc? Chocolate!

Dig right into the tub with a block of great chocolate, or try out our Chocolate Chunk Fromage Blanc Cookies to add something unique on your cookie tray. These cookies whip up super fast, and you can make the dough a day or two ahead and keep in your fridge.

Stack of apricot honey fromage blanc cookies

One of our favorite Tomato dishes to make is a savory Tomato and Caramelized Onion Galette that features our Garlic Olive Fromage Blanc. It’s a great way to feature tomatoes of any kind, but it’s especially good with juicy vine ripe varieties. Since all we need to do for the creamy layer is spread out the cheese, it’s a fun dish to put the extra time towards making a homemade pastry crust.

Fromage Blanc is a great cheese to experiment with! Let us know how you are using our fresh spreadable cheese! Tag your social posts with #FRCfromageblanc.