Horseradish cheddar is not the most common flavor you’re going to find in the cheese case, but it’s definitely one of our favorites.

horseradish cheddar pickled snack board

Have you ever tried it? The combination of creamy aged Face Rock Cheddar with horseradish offers just the right bite of heat that is tempered by the cheddar.

Our Horseradish Cheddar is a perfect cheese to feature in a savory pickled snack platter. It’s not so spicy that your taste buds will get overwhelmed, but you’ll definitely notice the familiar horseradish tang. A spread like this is a great way to offer up a wide variety of items that all work together, and that can be combined in a variety of ways.

For our platter, we paired our Horseradish Cheddar with chilled and thinly sliced London Broil, grainy mustard, refrigerator sweet pickles, mini dills, bread, crackers, hard salami, olives, grapes, deviled eggs, and pickled red onion slices. The spring weather is so gorgeous here that we just had to serve this as a light dinner outside for one of our first al fresco meals.

This cheese invites experimenting so have fun! Share your dish with us on social so we can see what you’ve been up to!