Extra Aged Face2Face Cow/Sheep Milk Clothbound Cheddar

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Live a little on the edge with this special allocation of extra aged Face2Face clothbound cheddar, where creamy sheeps' milk meets rich cows milk and ages to exquisite buttery perfection after an extended rest (18-22 months). The presence of sought after tyrosine crystals (or as we like to say, cheese diamonds) is an indicator of its quality.  The rich creamy flavor of Extra Aged Face2Face Clothbound can stand alone, or pairs well with sweet, savory, and the driest of wines.

Available Online in approximately 1/2 lb wedges.
(Weights may vary since each wedge is cut by hand.)

Looking for a special amount or a whole wheel? Call our creamery!

How It's Made

Fresh cheddar curds are molded into a wheel, wrapped in cloth bandages & dipped in butter made from the same milk that goes into the cheese vats. After aging 18-22 months in a carefully controlled cave environment, Face Rock’s Extra Aged Face2Face Clothbound Cheddar presents with a rich & exquisitely flakey texture that delivers a nutty, slightly tangy complex flavor.


Our Clothbound Cheddar has all the sharpness of our Extra Aged Cheddar but the flavor complexity is amped up by the technique used for aging. Bandage wrapping allows the cheese to breathe more during the aging process which compounds the flavors and presents a rich and exquisitely flakey texture.

Don't be afraid to experiment with flavors when pairing with this luxurious cheddar. It can certainly hold its own against other strong flavors and complements both sweet and savory foods.

Cured Olives & Meats, Marinated Artichokes, Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Fig Jam, Sweet-Tart Cherries & Honey