COVID-19 has shaken up everyone’s daily routine. If you’re eating at home more than usual, needing quick meal ideas for your kids, working through pantry goods, or want to dive into a more complicated recipe to keep your mind occupied, we have ideas for you! Some of these are recipes, and others are just pure inspiration. We hope you are staying safe and weathering this challenging time as well as you can. Like all small businesses this is a challenge for us. Our creamery in Bandon is open for to-go orders, and whether you’re near or far we hope that you take advantage of our online store so you don’t miss your favorite Face Rock cheeses.

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Baking is a big mood right now, and we can’t recommend our cheese-filled breads enough! A pretzel oozing with our garlic-laden Vampire Slayer cheddar is great to create some alone time at home. And Cheddar, bacon and scallion scones are a tender, crumbly and rich scone that we love. Try dicing your cheddar instead of grating to give each bite of scone will have cheesy, peppery flavor pockets.

Peppercorn Harvest Recipe Grid

Face Rock is so good for a quick and flavorful topper for hot dishes. Our cheese melts great because we use higher-fat milk in our cheese. We used our Face Rock’n Jack to take our bourbon BBQ Sloppy Joe (the only flavor left on the shelf and dang it is goood!!) to the next level.


There is always room for grilled cheese! We have a hard time picking a favorite grilled cheese, but this Smokey Cheddar, Turkey and Avocado is up there on the list! Add in our Monterey Jack for even more melted perfection.

smokey cheddar and avo grilled cheese

Tostadas are a great base to use up all kinds of odds and ends from the fridge. We like the way our Super Slayer (a blend of our tangy garlic-infused Vampire Slayer and spicy 3-pepper In Your Face) kicks up these chicken and salsa verde tostadas. Top with a fried egg for even more protein!

Recipe showing Face Rock Creamery Super Slayer Chicken Tostada

Calories don’t count in quarantine, so if you’re craving comfort and have some frozen spuds to use up, go for these Peppered Texas Cheese Fries. A plate of fries or tots smothered in cheese is simple and simply delicious for a quick warm-you-up appetizer or snack. Our Pepper Alpine adds a big boost of flavor to this quick dish.

Cooking in big batches is great, but leftovers for days can get a little stale. Use shreds of cheese to put new life into third-day soups and chili.

Snack attack? An English muffin pizza is a quick way to keep your kids content while you get that email sent out.


Need a quick comfort hit? Waffle your Face Rock! All the melty, crispy goodness of fried cheese, none of the fryer mess!

Can we help you with more ideas? Tag us on social with a cheese flavor you want to use and we’ll give you some suggestions!