What exactly IS a cheese curd?
Left-over cheese? nope! Curds are actually what cheese is made from! After enzymes have been added to fresh milk and allowed to set up the whey is drained off leaving beautiful fresh curds behind. It’s these curds that are then pressed together and aged to create cheddar cheese. At Face Rock, we make sure to pull some of these curds aside for our customers so they can enjoy one of the most delightful treasures we’ve ever tasted– Fresh Cheese Curds!
So,.. how do they taste?
Curds are completely un-aged cheese. This effects both the taste and the texture of the cheese. Curds have a very clean, fresh, milky flavor. You won’t find your typical bold cheddar flavor (that comes with age.) Also, instead of a smooth, creamy texture they are typified by a rubbery texture that squeaks against your teeth– that’s how you know they’re fresh! Because of this, curds are best when served at room temperature or slightly warmed (5 – 10 seconds in the microwave would do it!)
How do you eat them?
There are many ways to enjoy curds~ eat them battered and fried, chopped up and mixed into soup or used as a garnish on salads. Throw them into your scrambled eggs or you can melt them over garlic toast. But, most of us just eat them straight out of the bag  as a snack on their own!

Classic White Cheddar CurdsClassic Cheddar Cheese Curds
Clean, fresh and squeaky. Our classic curds are simply the best!

Vampire Slayer Garlic CurdsVampire Slayer Garlic Curds
One of our best sellers- Clean and fresh with a healthy dose of garlic just for grins!

In Your Face Spicy 3-Pepper CurdsIn Your Face Spicy 3-Pepper Curds
Classic white cheddar curds spiked with Jalapeno, Habanero, & sweet red Chiles. Get ready for a flavor burst that’s truly In Your Face!