Peppercorn Harvest 6oz


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Peppercorn Harvest Ingredients

In 2013, Peppercorn Harvest was created as our 1st Seasonal Cheddar. Now, it's one of our most popular flavored cheddars in our Classic Cheddar line-up. Experience the taste of Fall that leaves your taste buds rejoicing all year!

Net Wt. 6 oz

How It's Made

Classic white cheddar curds are mixed with red and green peppercorns, pressed into cheese molds and aged for at least 12 months to create 40 lb blocks of Peppercorn Cheddar. After a mild cheddar flavor is achieved, the large blocks are cut up into smaller 1/2 lb pieces and ready for the public to enjoy!

Flavor Profile

This smooth cheddar has a pleasant crunch of peppercorns that release a burst of savory-sweet pepper flavor into each bite. More earthy than spicy, this cheese has a "cheddary" bite, savory harvest flavor, and leaves the palate with a hint of sweetness.


Flavors with warm earthiness and subtle sweetness bring out the best in this cheddar.

Pumpkin seeds, olive tapenade, cranberry chutney, dried apricots & quince. 

Peppercorn Harvest Ingredients