Extra Aged Cheddar


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Extra Aged Cheddar Ingredients

Many young cheeses are excellent fresh out of the vat. However, unless the base starts with quality ingredients it won't stand up through the aging process as flavor intensifies and texture transforms. This cheddar received the 1st place ribbon on its debut year at the 2015 ACS (American Cheese Society) Awards in the "BEST Aged Cheddar" category!

Our Premium Extra Aged Cheddar is sharp and luxurious with a smooth buttery flavor and creamy texture enhanced by cheese crystals that indicate a quality aged cheddar.

The BEST only gets better with age and this incredible cheddar has been aged extra long for peak flavor.

6 oz

How It's Made

Our classic cheddar base is aged for an extra year in our temperature-controlled climate bringing about a sharper flavor, richer texture and more complex flavor profile. We're confident you'll love this cheddar.


Our Extra Aged Cheddar is intense, sharp and luxurious while maintaining our signature smooth buttery flavor. The extra age encourages the coveted flavor crystals to form, giving each bite a gentle snap that only the most quality-crafted of cheddars will produce. 

Don't be afraid to pair this cheddar with other intensely flavored foods ~ this cheddar holds its own and won't be overwhelmed as younger cheeses would be.

Toasted nuts, cured olives & meats, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, tangy berries, pineapple & honey.


1st Place 2015 American Cheese Society (ACS), Best Aged Cheddar 2yr
1st Place, LA Intl Dairy Competition (LAIDC), Aged 1-2 Year
Extra Aged Cheddar Ingredients