Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheddar


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Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheddar Ingredients

Garlic lovers unite! This memorable garlic infused cheddar cheese is tangy and smooth. Our classic aged cheddar infused with a bold dose of garlic, our Vampire Slayer Cheddar was the 2nd cheddar developed here at Face Rock and is currently one of our most popular cheddars. It's definitely a "must try" for anyone who loves garlic. This award winning cheddar is sure to keep the vampires at bay!

Net Wt. 6 oz

How It's Made

Within the first year of being open our Vampire Slayer Curds took 1st place in the only national cheese competition in North America (2013 ACS Awards). These same curds are packed into 40 lb blocks and aged to create this garlic-infused cheddar.


Packed with loads of garlic in a base of classic aged cheddar this cheese packs a garlicy punch that takes center stage and cannot be ignored. Vampire Slayer is perfect on a cheese plate or melted into our favorite foods to infuse them with garlicy goodness!
Salted Nuts, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Sundried Tomatoes, Herbed Crackers, Crunchy Artisan Bread


1st Place, 2015 LAIDC, Flavored Semi-Soft cheese

Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheddar Ingredients