About Us


Face Rock Creamery is an Award-Winning cheddar creamery in Bandon, Oregon on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast.  Founded in May 2013, we make cheese for people who enjoy delicious, hand-crafted food that supports local farming systems and elevates the plate. We produce fine cheddar, curds, fromage blanc, and Monterey Jack using traditional, hands-on techniques with nothing artificial or unnecessary added. Our cheese is available nationwide in grocery stores, through our online store, and in our Bandon creamery and Coos Bay café.

Cheddar cheese has been made for centuries, and it's been made in Bandon since the 1800s. Face Rock Creamery honors this tradition and heritage with each curd it produces. Artful attention to detail in the craft of cheese making has paid off, as Face Rock Creamery has been honored with numerous American Cheese Society (ACS) medals as well as a Good Food Award. 

Dairy Farm overlooking Face Rock


Our home in Bandon, on the Southern Oregon coastline, has been at the heart of one of the nation's best cheese making environments since the 1800's.

The terroir of the Coquille Valley, just 15 miles from the creamery, is distinct. Rugged pastures are nurtured by dramatic storms, salty ocean winds, high humidity, and cool evenings.

We source rich, high-quality milk from family-operated dairies who have raised and grazed their herds here for generations. Milk produced by cows pasture- and grass-fed in this tough, yet fertile environment develops a deep and complex taste so rich you can see and taste the difference in quality.


Keeping our supply chain local and supporting small dairy farmers is important to us and our local economy. Our first and current primary cow dairy provider is the Milk-E-Way Dairy operated by the Scolari Family. They have raised and milked a superior herd of Holstein and Brown Swiss cows in the Coquille Valley since the 1930’s.  The Scolari family shares our commitment to doing things the correct way, and they prioritize the health and comfort of their herd. We are thrilled to be able to get our cow’s milk just 15 miles east of the creamery, ensuring that the milk arrives at peak condition each day.

We enter an annual contract for milk with our key dairy partners. This is a beneficial relationship that shields both the creamery and the farmers from the vagaries of market-rate purchasing and allows us all to better forecast growth and production.


It’s simple: Milk, Cultures & Salt.

Our cheesemakers, led by our founding cheesemaker Brad Sinko, dedicate each day to maintaining the integrity of the cheese making tradition. We add nothing artificial or unnecessary to our cheese. High quality, local milk is the foundation for all we do. With thoughtful and intuitive blending of pure and simple ingredients, we create hand-made, small- batch, delicious cheeses.