About Us

Face Rock Creamery is a young, Award-Winning cheddar creamery in Bandon, Oregon on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast.  Founded in May 2013, Face Rock Creamery has been gaining national acclaim and followers with its wonderful handmade cheeses.

Specializing in Cheddar, Face Rock Creamery believes in a classic approach to cheese making where things are done the old fashioned way, and nothing artificial or unnecessary is added.  Cheddar cheese has been made for centuries, and Face Rock Creamery honors this tradition and heritage with each curd it produces.

Artful attention to detail in the craft of cheese making has paid off, as Face Rock Creamery has been honored with two American Cheese Society (ACS) 1st First Place Blue Ribbons in our first two years of business.  This is the highest honor in cheese making, and testimony to the quality of our cheese. 

Dairy Farm overlooking Face Rock


Bandon has dairy in its roots. Face Rock Creamery sits nestled atop the Oregon coastline, an ideal climate for supporting lush green pastures.  The rugged terroir of the Southern Oregon coast is a result of coastal storms and salty winds from the ocean waves, combined with high humidity and cool evenings that yield richer grasses year-round.

Milk produced by grass-fed cows pastured in this tough, yet fertile environment develops a deep and complex taste so rich you can see and taste the difference in quality.


Our partners, The Scolari Family Dairy, have been producing quality milk in the Coquille Valley of Oregon since the 1930’s on their 600 acre farm.  The Scolari’s, just like Face Rock Creamery, are committed to doing things the correct way, without adding any artificial ingredients.  The dairy is only 15 miles away from the Creamery, ensuring that the milk arrives at its peak condition.  This commitment, along with a superior herd of Holstein and Brown Swiss cows, combine to give Face Rock Creamery milk of supreme quality.

We see the cheese making process through from start to finish. We begin with grass-fed cows’ milk, and finish with small batches of cheese with no added preservatives, no shortcuts and no fuss.  


It’s simple: Milk, Cultures & Salt.

Here at the creamery, head cheesemaker Brad Sinko dedicates each day to maintaining the integrity of the dairy and the cheese making tradition. Through thoughtful and intuitive blending of pure and simple ingredients, Brad delivers his ode to hand-made, small- batch, delicious cheeses.  The ingredients for great cheese are simple; great milk, and a great cheesemaker.  At Face Rock Creamery, we are lucky enough to have both.