Pepper Alpine Cheddar


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Pepper Alpine Ingredients

High altitude flavor is packed into this little block of cheddar. Aged Cheddar is infused with a shower of freshly ground black pepper for a wonderful warm and savory flavor and fantastic display when sliced.

Net Wt. 6 oz

How It's Made

We give our cheddar curds a generous sprinkle ground black pepper before pressing the curds into a cheddar block to ensure that every bite is loaded with this unique flavor combination. The pepper infused cheese blocks are cut into 6 oz pieces which are vacuum sealed for the aging to continue. When cut, this cheese presents with striking ribbons of black pepper throughout.

Flavor Profile

The mild sharpness and smooth, nutty creaminess of our 12 month Aged Cheddar provides a cooling contrast to the bold (more warm than spicy) ground pepper in this cheddar. The combination offers a beautiful blend of flavors that reminds us of cool winter nights in the Alpine forest. The soft texture of this mild cheddar makes it a true show-stopper when sliced on a cheese tray.


Savory pepper notes lend this cheddar to complementing stronger flavors like cured meats, marinated veggies and roasted garlic. It's also a fantastic addition to omelets, baked potatoes, and savory puff-pastry appetizers.

Pepper Alpine Ingredients