Warm, Melty and Cheesy Snacks

Warm, Melty and Cheesy Snacks

In need of some comfort food or game day ideas? A little of both? Here’s a quick roundup of some of our favorite sharable, warm dishes that will guarantee you get your fill of melty cheese pulls.

It’s pretty rare that we put out a recipe that only works with one of our flavors, so if you have a favorite you want to swap out, go for it! If you are subbing out our Pepper Alpine, consider adding in a half to a full teaspoon of pepper to get that warm pepper kick.

Face Rock fondue

Face Rock Fondue

Our 12-month savory cheddars make a delightful addition to beer and cider fondues. Here we’ve used our spicy In Your Face cheddar to balance the sweetness of hard cider. We made our fondue on the stovetop and transferred it to a small hollowed out loaf of crusty bread for a fun (and edible!) serving dish.

Pull apart cheese bread

Face Rock Tailgate Bread

Stuff a fresh sourdough bread with our flavor-packed Super Slayer or Vampire Slayer, Monterey Jack, butter, green onion and bacon for an ooey, gooey game day treat! This pull apart bread comes together quickly. Everything can be prepped ahead of time and pulled together right before serving.

Cheese dip

Pepper Alpine Cheese Dip

Whether served by a fire or packed into a thermos for a portable snack, this cheese sauce is perfect for a satisfying post-snow bite. The generous crust of black pepper that circles our Pepper Alpine cheddar infuses this dipping sauce with a warming flavor. This sauce is not a thick one, so it stays nicely molten for dipping even after cooling off in the chilly air. Serve with crusty bread, chips and veggies.

Smashed potatoes

Smokey Smashed Potatoes

This is a fun and easy recipe if you want a little something different for your potatoes. Serve as a dinner side, a game day snack, or as a perfectly sized appetizer bite. If you would like to use all cheddar, increase the amount to 2 cups.

Face Rock totchos

In Your Face Totchos

Hungry but not motivated to fire up the kitchen? We’re here for you! This is the perfect occasion to heat up the waffle maker and whip up a batch of In Your Face Totchos! If you haven’t experienced a totcho, you’re in for a treat. Tortilla chips are swapped out for golden tater tots and loaded with all the nacho goodies. Our spicy three-pepper cheddar, In Your Face, is the perfect cheese to load onto these satisfying snacks.

Cheese fries

Peppered Texas Cheese Fries

Pure comfort! A plate of fries smothered in cheese is simple and simply delicious for a quick warm-you-up appetizer or snack, and our Pepper Alpine adds a big boost of flavor to this quick dish.

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